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Get to Know Us

With over 10 years in the Real Estate industry, we serve as a resource and partner to investors all over the US.

Jacqueline Brown

Owner & Founder

After spending 7 years growing commercial real estate portfolios for other investors, Jacqueline realized there was a way to help others grow on a larger scale and set out to help as many people as possible increase their real estate portfolios.

Being an investor herself (Foundation House Buyers and Dirt Dogs USA) she quickly realized how challenging it could be to obtain private money regardless of your investing experience. Many investors have their own funds tied up in other people’s deals, while others need a little extra help to take their first leap. B88 Capital was created to serve as a resource and partnership to investors of all experience levels.

With our approach, we serve as a resource to every deal, whether or not we fund it. We can provide help with comping, underwriting and just being a second set of eyes.

Jacqueline also provides Commercial Real Estate Consulting in partnership with CreativeTC.

If you are looking to be an end buyer, but struggle with the credit and/or credentials necessary to obtain investor loans, check out our sister company: Creative Credit Partner.

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